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Range Ventilation Certification

Existing Ranges

Range Ventilation Design, Inc. offers the following Technical Consultation services:

Range Ventilation Certification service including: Perform range ventilation system airside test & balance. Verify (adjust/calibrate if applicable) the range ventilation controls/equipment are maintaining a constant negative pressure within the firing range while operational. Examine and recommend, if applicable, corrective operations and procedures. Verify and adjust laminar airflow distribution system to provide laminar airflow (as best as possible given laminar airflow distribution system type, range architectural considerations, distance from back wall to firing line and range ventilation system design in general) and measure laminar airflow by taking three (3) measurements at each of the following elevations above the finished floor, 1’-0”, 2’-6”, 4’-0”, 5’-6” and 7’-0” per shooting position (15 total measurements). The adjustments and measurements should target the following criteria:

  • Average velocity over all shooting positions: 70 to 80 fpm
  • Average velocity over each shooting position: 50 to 100 fpm
  • All velocity measurements shall travel downrange: >0

Benefits of retaining Range Ventilation Design, Inc. includes:

  • Expertise in range ventilation design compliance with NIOSH 76-130, OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1025, OSHA 29 CFR 1926.62 and EPA 40 CFR 50.12 and low velocity horizontal laminar airflow.
  • Reduced airborne lead liability for registered architects, registered professional engineers and owners.
  • Extensive range ventilation experience with hundreds of military, law enforcement and commercial/private projects throughout the United States and abroad.
  • Our range ventilation personnel shall examine the entire building design including architectural aspects, mechanical systems and general operational / procedural issues.